Reimagining America was born out of an uncomfortable conversation between friends: about politics, compromise and our current political moment.  

Like so many friends, we have very different temperaments and very different approaches to this current moment. For example, my friend feels it's just too painful to watch the news and I feel a deep responsibility to bear witness, so have a hard time turning it off.

While our political starting points and approaches to this moment differ, our fundamental ideals are aligned. In challenging times, this is encouraging.

During a particularly heated conversation where we could not find much common ground, my friend mentioned our collective need to reimagine America. Finally something we could agree on. And with that, the concept behind this site was born. 

A lifetime commitment to activism and empowerment has prepared me for this moment. Championing causes and mentoring women who feel called to greater impact has informed my perspective. Creating the Reimagining America movement has been my antidote to watching the news and feeling both outraged and helpless. Harnessing the power of my imagination has restored my sense of optimism and impact. As Oprah would say, here's what I know for sure...

There is another way to engage with this current moment, one that unites us with our power and our optimisim, one that uplifts us and calls us into action with passion and purpose. It is not only possible to move past breaking news, it is necessary. Starting exactly where you are today, an empowered future is calling. 

Reimagining America encourages leadership by nurturing, cultivating and engaging the transformative power of imagination.  

In challenging times it is essential to stay connected to hope. 

Please join me... 

Liria Mersini, Santa Monica, CA. July 30, 2019

"Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences."


Reimagining America starts with us.

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