Liria Mersini

Liria Mersini

The only child of an Albanian freedom fighter and an American opera singer, Liria (pronounced Luh-ree-uh) was raised with a love of the stage and a passion for making a difference. 

Beginning her career in entertainment PR, Liria learned early to leverage the media for good. After experiencing a life-changing, full-contact self defense course and the politics surrounding women's bodies, Liria worked tirelessly and effectively to change the way women were portrayed in the media. She also made it her mission to work personally with thousands of women to reclaim the right to live free from the paralyzing fear of assault. 

Next, she turned her focus to the intersection of self-esteem and fashion. As a full-figured woman, Liria was not content with available clothing options that didn't reflect her sense of style. She responded by creating a self-esteem boosting, award-winning, luxury plus-size clothing line that allowed women who shared her easy, elegant aesthetic to shine. It was no surprise that Liria was soon tapped to become an editorial voice on then New York Times owned mega-site, speaking to – and for – the majority of American women. 

Liria's warmth and openness have made her a welcome presence as both an issues expert and cultural commentator in the press. A deep thinker and powerful communicator, she has repeatedly been a guest on national media including NBC’s Today Show, Fox’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, and many others.

Liria continues her commitment to empowerment, working for and lending her voice to issues that matter from her home base in Santa Monica, California. 

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