Welcome to America

Fear. Rage. Grief. Depression. Overwhelm. Scapegoating... 

Whether you are most comfortable on the left, right or somewhere in the middle of our deep cultural divide, it is widely held that we in America, as well as much of the wider Western world, are having a moment. . . a big, consequential, trajectory-changing moment.

In an age filled with conflicting reports and little agreement on facts, it is easy to feel angry, helpless, hopeless and disengaged.

Understandable? Absolutely. But it's important not to stop there. . .

What if You Had the Power to Change Everything?

Strong emotion can either shut us down or give us the energy to make huge changes. We must step beyond our overwhelm and choose the latter. 

Our power lies in having something to move toward, not just something to rail against. By using the enormous energy of this cultural moment to stengthen our vision, voice and impact, we can move past the bleakness of the present. An inspired future is possible. Committing to it is essential.

History shows us how imagination and daring have combined in desperate times to change the trajectory of our world. History also shows us what happens in the absence of bold and uplifting leadership. It's worth noting the lessons.

The transformative power of imagination applied to our biggest challenges is responsible for every major social, cultural, political and scientific advance in history. 

We need that power now.  

Reimagining America 

Reimagining America is an inspiration incubator designed to cultivate, nurture and engage that power. We are committed to supporting a trajectory-changing future that uplifts, inspires and delights our better angels.

Each of us has vision, voice and the ability to create such a future. We are limited only by our capacity to dream and our willingness to move boldly forward.  

If you'd like to strengthen your relationship to hope, leadership and the enormous power of your own imagination, join us. 

Tomorrow will be lead by those who dare to dream and determine to make those dreams a reality.

Get on the list today and stay connected to hope, inspiration and resources with Reimagining America. 

– Liria Mersini , Santa Monica, CA. July 31, 2019

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"This is such an antidote to fear. Thank you." 

KL, Boston MA

"The country needs this. It's exactly what we need." 

TR, Atlanta GA

"Oh girl... count me in." 

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"I'm inspired. So much better than despair. Let's do this." 

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"It's like we've forgotten. I'm ready to try again." 

MC, Los Angeles CA

"It's like we've forgotten. I'm ready to try again." 

MC, Los Angeles CA

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